Runinto RUNINTO Hard wax beads,Big package (1Lb/bag),Hair Removal for women men at home,Bikini line,Waxing Bean Home wax Kit for Facial,Legs,Arms,Body (Pink Roses),14 Piece Set

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Product Description

Men's and women's household waxing set hard wax beads

Men's and women's household waxing set hard wax beads

Easily remove your own hair

Easily remove your own hair

Effect after hair removal

Effect after hair removal

Apply along the direction of hair growth

Apply along the direction of hair growth

Runinto hard wax beads are specially designed for women and men. They are suitable for all skin types. It removes all unwanted hair on the face, eyebrows, legs, arms, armpits, back and chest, allowing you to wear a bikini to enjoy your holiday without worries.

Perfect and long-lasting-the effect experience is 3 times longer than shaving skin, because shaving cuts off the hair follicles on the skin. It is 85% to 99%, without any mark. Waxing hair removal can remove particles from the roots and begin to grow hair for at least 2-3 weeks.

Is every visit to the salon for hair removal expensive? With these premium hair removal hard beans, you can get the same results as a salon in the comfort of your own home for months, thus protecting your privacy from strangers.

Simple and easy-to-use depilatory wax

Simple and easy-to-use depilatory wax

Waxing trivia.

1. Why is the wax too sticky?

You are not melting the wax at the maximum temperature of the wax heater, resulting in a long and sticky melt time. Often, the temperature is too low and it may be impossible or difficult to stir. It is recommended that you reheat until the honey is thick, otherwise it will affect the hair removal results.

2. Why does the wax crumble?

If the wax coating is too thin or the wax stays on the skin for too long, it can cause breakage. So it is recommended to apply a thick wax and grasp the rhythm of wax melting. The wax will peel off immediately after hardening on the skin.

3、Why can’t waxing remove hair?

1.: Heating wax beans for hair removal is not used at the highest temperature, so the wax has not reached the thick shape of honey and the temperature is still slightly cold; 2.: You didn’t pay attention to the temperature when you applied the wax for hair removal. If the temperature is too low, then you need to reheat it. It is recommended to keep the wax warm when waxing; 3.: Please apply the wax according to the direction of growth. If there are stray hairs, repeat the waxing steps to remove them.

4、Why is there residue when tearing wax?

The edge residue is caused by the edge being too thin and mismatched with the internal pressure when you apply it. When there is residual wax, press the residual wax with the torn off wax to remove it.

5. Why does the wax not peel off?

Please note that it is not because the wax is too sticky, because the wax is not completely hardened and still fluid, please wait until it hardens.

Warm tips

1. do not sunbathe or exercise before using the wax

2. Do not use on broken skin

3. relax when removing the wax

4. Keep away from children

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 6 x 2 inches; 1.15 Pounds
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Runinto
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B095S71C1W

Safe and cost-effective Our products are made of 100% harmless extracts. They are sold well in many countries. You can use them with confidence. In order to facilitate your purchase, we will launch a combination of large packages for you, with more volume and more cost-effective prices.
Is it expensive to wax in salon every time? Using these 15.7oz (1 lb) quality dehairing Hard Wax Beans, you can get the same effect as a salon in a comfortable home for several months, thus protecting your privacy from being exposed to strangers. More salons to visit!
Perfect & Long Lasting Result- Experience smooth skin that lasts 3 times longer than shaving, since shaving cuts the hair follicle at the skin. But the wax firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root, around 85% to 99% success rate without any side effects. Waxing hair removal extracts hair from the root and thus slower growth, enjoying being hairless at least for 2-3 weeks.
24 hour service: 100% refund guarantee – full refund or replacement if there is a problem with wax beans. If you have any questions about wax, please feel free to email us. Thank you very much!
Built in details: 450g Wax Beans X1 bag wax stick X10 gloves x2 pairs

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